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It's our fifth year of helping you celebrate Christmas in style with the best quality and most delicious meat and sundries. Let us know if you would like cooking tips; we’re always happy to help you make the most of your purchases. 

We will happily deliver your order if you need us to, just mark this up on the order form. You will receive a receipt with your order and details of how to pay. If you would rather not order online, you can  ring us on 01428 661 555 or make your order when you come into the shop. 


Please keep a note of your order number as that will make it much easier (and quicker!) for us to find your order. If you order online, please remember which phone number and name you use to make the order as we will use these to create your unique reference. 

Payment is made either in the shop when you pick up, or if your order is delivered you will receive a receipt and details of how to pay by BACS. 

Seabrights Christmas turkey from Fosse M


Due to insufficient numbers of turkeys hatching, the smallest turkey we can get this year is 5kg. A 5kg turkey will serve a family of four on Christmas day with leftovers. 


If you want a smaller bird please consider cockerel, duck, or a turkey crown. We are happy to crown your turkey so you can keep the legs for another meal. This will help keep waste to a minimum. 

Our genuinely free-range poultry comes from Fosse Meadow.

24-week-old, very free-range bronze turkey 
Allow 500g of turkey per person
5-6.99kg  £13 per kg     
7-8.99/kg  £12 per kg     
9kg+  £11 per kg

Free range goose 
Allow about 750g of goose per person (to account for the fat)
£17.50 per kg 

Large 3kg+ free range chicken  £10.90 per kg 
Free range Aylesbury duckling  £8.50 per kg 
12-week mature Aylesbury duck  £11 per kg 


Multi bird roasts
A great way to save oven space, have variety at the table and loads of leftovers. We can create any combination of bird and stuffing. Let us know what you would like on the order form under ‘other’ and we will be in touch to confirm. 



Cranberry is the classic accompaniment. Don't forget goose fat for the perfect roasties! Make a note on your order form and we will add it to your bag. 



We make dry cured hams in the shop using free range pork.

Unsmoked gammon boneless  £12/kg
Unsmoked gammon bone in, whole or half  £10/kg
Smoked gammon boneless  £13.50/kg
Smoked gammon bone in, whole or half  £11.50/kg                                          
Unsmoked Collar  £10.50/kg
Smoked Collar  £11.50/kg


We stock Cumberland sauce and a range of mustards. Make a note of what you'd like on your order form. 

Seabrights sausages made in the shop.jpe


We use free range pork to make all of our sausages and stuffing in the shop. 

Classic pork  £9.50/kg
Herby  £9.50/kg
Coarse cut  £10/kg
Chipolatas  £10/kg
Pigs in blankets  £20/kg

Other sausage flavours are available to order.

Prune, Brandy and Smoked Bacon  £13/kg
Sage and onion  £10/kg 
Plain sausage meat  £9/kg 
Chestnut and orange  £13/kg



All the beef (excluding fillet) will be dry aged for at least 28 days. 

One rib of forerib, Dorchester or wing rib will feed around three people. For boneless joints allow a kilo for five (as a minimum, with no leftovers).

Foreribs  £20/kg           
Dorchester ribs  £27.50/kg                                                             
Wing rib  £23/kg                                                                                
Fillet  £50/kg                                                                                                      
Rolled sirloin  £34/kg                                                              
Topside  £15.50/kg            


All other beef cuts available to order, along with pork, lamb and game. 


Don't forget the horseradish or a mustard (tarragon mustard is particularly good with beef). Make a note of what you would like on your order form. 

Seabrights beef.jpeg


This year we have some great British farmhouse cheeses from Neals Yard Dairy. They all come from small artisan producers, and every purchase will be particularly appreciated in this difficult year.




A raw milk rich, creamy cheddar with a tangy finish. Made on Moorhayes Farm in Somerset since 1898.
Smallest (250g)  £6.65
Sixteenth (500g)  £14.63
Eighth (1kg)  £28.60


Soft cheeses

Baron Bigod
A Brie-style cheese that is silky at its rind, but crumbly at the core. From Suffolk. 
Sixteenth (160g)  £6.40
Eighth (310g)  £12.40
Quarter (630g)  £26.20

Little Evanlode

Washed rind cows milk with savory flavours

250g  £11.60

This Camembert-style cheese is creamy and unctuous

250g  £11 

Fresh, light and fluffy texture with a bright and citrussy flavour

180g  £11


Territorial cheeses

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
Sweet savoury with a good strong finish
Smallest (150g)  £4.70
Sixteenth (310g)  £9.70
Eighth (620g)  £19.50

Ducketts Caerphilly 
A clean fresh flavour, a creamy and then crumbly curd with mineral tang
Sixteenth (230g)  £6.70
Eighth (460g)  £13.40
Quarter (930g)  £27


Colston Basset Stilton 
Gentler, sweeter, and more balanced than your average blue 
Smallest   £6.60
Sixteenth (490g)  £13.50
Eighth (970g)  £26


A raw cow’s milk blue; soft and creamy with a huge range of flavours. Stilton before pasturisation

Smallest  £8.40

Sixteenth (460g)  £16.65

Eighth (930g)  £33.50

Add your extras to the order form - we have Sheridan’s brown bread crackers, piccalilli, quince paste, damson fruit cheese and crab apple fruit cheese. 
Ask us about our small batch, Italian salumi from free range rare breed pigs.

Making your order 

You can order online here or in person when you are in the shop.  

This year we will be working extra hard to make pick up as fast as possible to avoid queuing so people can maintain their distance. You can help! Please include everything you need on your order form so that we can have it all packed up and ready to go.

You can also call us on 01428 661 555 or text Oliver on 07792 808 106

We love talking to our customers about what they are cooking and are always happy to give some hints and tips!

We will give you an order number… please keep this to hand as it will make it much easier (& quicker!) for us to find your order. 


Payment is made either in the shop when you pick up, or if your order is delivered you will receive a receipt and details of how to pay by BACS. 

Christmas opening times


Wednesday 22 Dec   9am – 5pm
Thursday 23 Dec   9am – 6pm
Friday 24 Dec   8.30am – 2pm

25 Dec to 29th Dec   Closed

Thursday the 30 Dec   10am – 4pm
Friday 31 Dec   9am – 2pm

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