ordering for Christmas

Please come in to the shop to make your order or call us on 01428 661 555.

Prices are per kilogramme


Our game hung, dry plucked, genuinely free range poultry is from Fosse Meadow.

Free range bronze turkey 4-6kg £12.50, 6-9kg £11, 9kg+ £10
Allow 500g of turkey per person

Free range goose £13.50

Allow about 750g of goose per person, to account for the fat.

Large 3kg+ free range chicken £9

Free range Aylesbury duck £8

Multi bird roasts
A great way to feed a lot of people, save oven space, and have variety at the table. We can create any combination of bird and stuffing.



We make dry cured hams and dry cured bacon in the shop, using free range pork.

Unsmoked gammon boneless £11
Unsmoked gammon bone in, whole or half £9
Smoked gammon boneless £12.50
Smoked gammon bone in, whole or half £10.50                                     

Unsmoked Collar £9
Smoked Collar £10


We use free range pork to make all of our sausages and stuffing in the shop.


Classic pork and pork and herb – £9
Coarse cut and chipolatas – £10
Pigs in blankets – £18
All other sausage flavours are available to order.


We are doing a selection of stuffing this year; please come in to talk to us about our



All the beef (excluding fillet) will be dry aged for at least 28 days.

One rib of forerib, Dorchester or wing rib will feed around three people. For boneless

joints allow a kilo for five (as a minimum, with no left overs).

Fore ribs £18.50          
Dorchester ribs £22.50                                                            
Wing rib £19.50                                                                               
Fillet £48                                                                                                     
Rolled sirloin £32                                                             
Topside £14                                                                                

All other beef cuts available to order.


We are also taking orders for seafood.


The variety is too extensive to list, and prices are not available yet. Last year we fulfilled orders for lobster, crab, oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, prawns, turbot and lots more. Please pop in and we will be more than happy to discuss with you.

Because Christmas is on a Tuesday, our last delivery of fish will be on Saturday 22 December. Talk to us about how best to store your fish.

christmas Opening times


Friday 21 Dec         9am – 5pm
Saturday 22 Dec    8.30am – 5.30pm (last fish delivery)
Sunday 23 Dec      9am – 6pm
Monday 24 Dec     8.30am – 2pm