Christmas poultry

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Our free-range turkeys are slow grown and full of flavour. They come from Fosse Meadow, who supply us with chicken and cockerels throughout the year. 

The birds spend their time foraging outside on pesticide-free grassy pastures. They are fed ethically sourced, additive-free feed and lots of oats from the next door farm. Because the birds are allowed to forage for much longer than commercial turkeys, they have a marbling of fat through the meat and a layer of fat beneath the skin. This means you get a succulent, delicious and flavoursome Christmas lunch. 

The original Christmas poultry, before the introduction of turkey in the 16th century, was the Christmas cockerel. Free range, and reared for longer than most chickens, the cockerels we sell are as tasty as our turkeys but better suited for smaller gatherings. Rich and succulent with a gamey flavour, these birds weigh between 3 and 5kg. 



For many of us though, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a crispy goose on the table. This year, buy one that has lived on home-grown wheat and pesticide-free grass without any additives or growth promoters. They taste fabulous and have plenty of fat which makes the best roast potatoes (don't forget to jar any left overs for goose fat roasties for the rest of the winter!). 

Fosse Meadow rear traditional, free range birds. Their birds are grown for longer which creates darker and more textured meat that is bursting with flavour. They have access to fields and farmlands during the day and roost in sheds overnight to protect them from foxes. They eat cereal from a local feed mill and scratch about in the hedgerows in sun or rain. 

We also sell slow grown ducks from Fosse Meadow and ducklings from Creedy Carver.

If you are planning a meal for a particularly large group, come and speak to us about a traditional three bird roast. We can create any combination of bird (including pheasant, partridge and quail) with the stuffing of your choice. 

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