Conservation grazed beef

from the Surrey WIldlife Trust

We buy a lot of our beef directly from the Surrey Wildlife Trust. The trust has an extensive conservation grazing programme using Belted Galloway cattle in suckler herds.

The cattle live on sites around Surrey including Thursley, Wisley Common and Bunch Lane.

Conservation grazing is a way to promote bio diversity which is essential to maintain habitats for other animals and insects.


The cows gently graze on the grass, herbs and foliage which allows creatures like nightjars, reptiles and heath tiger beetles to thrive. The herd isn’t allowed to grow too large and numbers are kept at around 400 cows.

Conservation grazing in action! Small herd of cows grazing naturally.


What is truly unique about these cows is their diet. The herds exist to graze the plants that grow on the land they live on, and there is no reason to give them any additional food. They have a huge choice of what to eat; they'll eat some grass but gorse, wild herbs, clover and all kinds of other plants will also feature in their diet. What they eat varies along with the seasons.

A fantastic by-product is the beautiful conservation grazed beef that we buy from the Trust. The beef is bursting full of distinctive flavour that is rich and slightly gamey. It can be quite marbled with fat (depending on the season) which adds to the characteristic flavour.

We hang the beef for about five weeks which increases tenderness and further develops the flavour.

We think it is really important that all of this lovely beef is enjoyed. It's not just the steak cuts which taste amazing; the braising steak and shin are great value and make delicious stews and slow cooked dishes.


Come in to the shop and tell us what you are cooking and we'll help you choose the perfect cut!

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