Meat box one

Will serve a family of four for roughly a week

500g mince, 10 sausages, 4 pork chops,

1kg beef topside 

Approx £40


Cheese bag

A selection of this week's cheese, to include a hard, a soft,  a goat, and a blue cheese

Approx £25 

Meat box two 

Will serve a family of four for roughly a week

 500g mince, 10 sausages, 750g braising steak, 1.5-2kg shoulder or leg of pork 

Approx £36

Dry goods & dairy 

As well as cheese and dairy products, we stock a range of English and Italian dry goods 

Click here to see more about our groceries 

Order form OPen for w/c 13 April  

Please read the notes below, and then click here to check the price list. 

Click here to place your order. 

Place an order 


We are offering a home delivery service and you can also order products to be picked up from the shop.


We know we're very lucky to be part of such a supportive community, and your custom is appreciated. We are determined to still be here after Covid-19 is a distant memory; thanks for helping us to do this. 


What we’re selling

In addition to our usual selection we're offering two meat boxes and a cheese bag that you can order for delivery or to pick up. Offering these makes it quicker to prepare orders, reduces waste and lets us serve more people. The contents are explained above, and you will be charged according to the exact weight of the goods you receive. 

We can’t get a lot of free range chicken so we are limiting it to one whole chicken per order - we’re happy to butcher this if you would like (cut in to breast / legs etc). We’ll leave the chicken carcass in the order so you can make stock with it.

A simplified price list is above, but please let us know if you would like anything that’s not on the list.

There is now a queuing system in Waitrose so we’re not able to pick up other bits from there, sorry. You can order fruit, veg and some provisions from Ellis Food Services If you need help with picking up shopping etc, please get in touch with Haslemere Help

How ordering works

You can place an order at the start of each week. We will close the form each evening to process the orders and check stock levels, and will close the form when we reach a certain number of orders. 

You will need to place your order each week; this will let us spend more time on preparing meat and less on paperwork.

The link to this week's order form and price list are at the top of the page


How delivery works

​We are offering a free home delivery service, with delivery at the end of the week.



You won't get a confirmation email, but we will be in touch if there is a problem with your order. 

​If your house is hard to find, please include a note on your order explaining how to find it. 

​When we deliver, we will ring your doorbell and step at least 2m away from the door, please allow us enough time to do that.

You will find a bill in your bag; please pay by BACS and let us know if you have any problems with this.

How pick up works 

You can pick up your order from the shop, please keep an eye on shop opening times here. 

We operate a one person in the shop at a time policy, please respect this.


Please also maintain a gap of at least 2m if you are waiting to come in. 

Thanks for reading this and stay well. 

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