We're very conscious of the carbon footprint that eating a lot of meat can leave.


That is why we are strong advocates for eating less meat, and making sure the meat we do eat has the smallest possible footprint. 

We are also committed to minimising the impact the shop has on the environment. So, we: 

  • Constantly look for farms that take their environmental impact seriously. For example, we have recently started buying beef from Robert Whitcombe whose farm is carbon audited, and have bought directly from the Surrey Wildlife Trust since we opened  

  • Source as much meat as possible from farms and smallholdings nearby. Almost all of our meat comes from Surrey, Hampshire or West Sussex  


  • Use paper to package our goods wherever possible 


  • Encourage our customers to bring in their own boxes to take meat and fish home in


  • Provide home compostable bags for people who forget to bring their own (they are also great for lining your food waste bins with) 


  • Sell our own re-usable bags 


  • Buy our electricity from a renewable energy supplier  


We know we are not perfect, and are always looking for ways to improve how we do things.


We will always be a micro business that buys meat from small producers. Because it's not about selling more meat, it is about selling the best meat. And there's not tons and tons of that around!

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