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As well as selling meat, cheese and other deli items from our shop in West Street, we also offer wholesale and butchery classes.


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our meat

Our meat comes from non-intensive farming systems. We work with small producers and take great care to understand the way the animals are reared. I believe that animals that are not pushed have better, longer lives and taste superior.

Due to scale of the farmers we work with, they usually can’t supply us all year round so we use a range of different producers. We display the week’s animals and producers in the shop and will happily discuss them with you when you come in.

Recent highlights have included Belted Galloway beef from the Surrey Wildlife Trust; South Downs lamb from Miss J Hewit and Miss Dawson; and Middlewhite and Mangalitza pigs from Adam Cocks in Brook.

We sell Fosse Meadow free range poultry, and buy our Christmas geese and turkeys from them. Our game comes from a variety of suppliers, mostly local but changing weekly, so please ask when you’re in.

We try to source as much of our meat as possible from animals reared for conservation grazing. This is a system where livestock is used to protect and conserve habitats for other species, like wildflowers and butterflies. As well as great tasting meat, this helps to look after the beautiful countryside we are surrounded by.

Sausages and other flavoured products are all made from scratch on the premises using quality ingredients. These are changing all time so please keep an eye on our counter. 


If you are interest in buying wholesale from us, please phone or pop in to discuss.
Butchery classes

I have taught butchery classes for several years so if you have an event, or something you and some friends might want to learn, please get in touch. 

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