Oliver Seabright, butcher

I began working as a butcher when I was 18. After a break to go to university and a few years

working as an econometrician, I realised that the only career that would make me happy was butchery.

I started as a Saturday butcher at Borough Market in London and haven't looked back.

Since then I have worked in several butchers including two attached to excellent restaurants, and have been very lucky to have learned from some truly exceptional people.

I've done shifts in restaurant kitchens, and have been filmed explaining how to cook the perfect chicken amongst other things.

And I have kept my wife and two hungry boys well fed.

I am really excited to be using the experience and knowledge I have built up in my own shop. I’m working closely with farmers to source the most delicious and high welfare meat possible. 

I love talking to customers about where our products come from, and what they are planning to do with it. I hope that you enjoy the meat as much as I do.

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